Professional Services

Professional Services

Since we are backed by one of the leading CPA and consulting firms, Hill, Barth & King, we understand the unique needs of today?s professional service firms. Whether you are a law firm, accounting firm or financial services firm, we understand your unique needs. The team at HBK IT has years of experience working with a variety of technologies, such as document management systems, tax software and combination cloud/on premise systems. In addition, we understand that working and serving clients includes the ability to work from anywhere, anytime, and on your terms. We are uniquely positioned to support and guide your firm into the future so you can concentrate on what matters most, serving your clients.

Utilizing our HBK IT Total Care program, we eliminate the burden and distraction of maintaining your own IT systems. We can manage and maintain your desktops, servers and other network equipment including all software upgrades, patches, backups and user support.

Some of our unique arrangements with professional service firms include:

  • Virtual Chief Information Officer
  • Regular scheduled visits by our Network Administrator
  • All of your IT vendor relationships managed by us (phone/copier/internet)
  • Working with a variety of Line of Business Software vendors
  • Cloud migrations and conversions
  • Encrypted emails and mobile device protection
  • Secured portals for client access
  • Weekend and evening support for CPA firms during tax season
  • Cloud hosted VOIP and Telecommunications

Contact us to see how we may carefully design a comprehensive IT strategy for your professional services firm today.